"Always Get a YES!" Course

Hi! I'm Bess!

 Welcome to your next step in mastering “Always Get a YES!” 

If you put off talking to people because you feel uncomfortable, or you’re tired of the NO’s, or discouraged with all the work that didn't get you results, I think you will love this.  

I prepared a unique training for you to “Always Get a YES!” when you invite people to your product and business. It includes a 30-minute read Book, 4 Bonuses, and a discount to classes!

All for only $17! For a LIMITED time.  

I wrote the book to help you:  

1) "Always Get a YES!" in 4 simple steps 2) Enjoy prospecting and eliminate rejection. 3) Have more customers and distributors on your team. 4) Connect with people quickly and happily. 5) Become so comfortable and confident that you look forward to doing this every day, so you can take opportunities to change lives.  

Human nature being what it is, you know that if you don’t get this now, you’ll probably forget it, when it may very well have been useful and profitable to you. Would getting this course for $17 keep food off your table? I’m not sure how long this special price will be up. To get it now, click the yellow link above.  


That’s it in a nutshell. If you want more info, please read on, and see people’s feedback below.


Who is this course for? It is for network marketers who:

Feel stuck, frustrated, confused, or overwhelmed. Know they should talk with people about their business, but are not doing it. Are not sure what to say, or how, or when. Are afraid people won’t like them for selling something. Worry about intruding, or not being liked. Think people will avoid them when they find out they’re in MLM.

I invite you to think a moment: How would "Always Getting a YES!" change your life? What would happen to your business? Your income? Your family’s life? Your happiness? Your dreams?  

I teach a fast-start invitation method that gets 95% presentations booked. I also teach how to do the simple presentations. And they get 10% signup rate. I think this method is just the skill you need to double your business as often as you wnat to. I believe that you can master it quickly. 

I know you are busy, so I condensed the instructions in a nutshell, in this book, short and powerful, so you can get right to it.  

It’s all in this course! 

  • World's Hottest and Easiest Invite Script to "Always Get a YES!" • Who to talk with • Scripts to master the art of using EMPATHY • 3 simple words to easily start a business conversation • A simple phrase to get their attention • A follow-up phrase that eliminates rejection • The costly mistake 95% of network marketers make • How to get the inside scoop on prospects • How to have more signups

So you can feel confident that people will welcome what you have to say. And because of that, they are more likely to watch your video, or come to a meeting, or partner with you, because you speak their language.

"Used your 'Always Get a YES!' technique yesterday with a friend who has always run away from products/services that involve the network marketing industry. (His issue not mine...LOL). Using the exact words you shared, I learned he is an 8 and will likely refer his manager. So that is like a 2 for 1. Amazing. Thank you so much!" - Mike Limmer 

Your results equal how good you are at this skill. I can help you master this. It's not magic, but the right steps are there for you to use. 

If you get the $17 package within this hour, you will also get these Bonus Gifts! These are my best powerful tools as free gifts to assist you in your recruiting efforts:

1) 9 Places to Find Prospects so you never have to buy leads. 2) How to Easily Handle the Top 19 Objections, so they never scare you again! 3) My 38 Favorite Closers! Powerful closing questions to help a person to think outside the box, and get you more signups. In my opinion, a must-have for every network marketer’s toolbox. 4) My valuable Workbook for Eric Worre’s Go Pro book, so you can best use this book to multiply your business.

That's a $95 value for $17 for right now. 

You ALSO get a discount coupon for my school for network marketers: 

The MLM Millionaire Club!  

 What is the cost of NOT mastering this method?  

What if you did the math? How much you could have made by now if you’d had these tools and put them into practice? And how much might you lose in the future without them? Plus peace of mind, health, and what you could have given your family…  

I don’t want price to stop any one of you. So now, for a limited time, you can get this $95 package for just $17.

I am a network marketing coach for 12 years, after being a full-time network marketer for years. I am a Body Mind Therapist for 30 years, helping people breakthrough blocks that stop them. I put together what I learned from both to share with you, since there is so much personal growth in network marketing. I think these tools are a must-have, to improve both business AND personal relationships.  

People have used my coaching to make lots of money. I helped them learn and put it to use. This course is designed to help you build your business, make more money to pay your bills, and have more time for leisure.  

Is there any reason why you wouldn't buy this course? Your gain is only equal to the risk you take. If you don't give something, you get nothing: it brings you NO value. 

If you ever use just one thing to make your business easier, do you think it would be worth 10 times this? 1000 times this? What is it worth to you? Only you can make that decision. I'd love to see you inside, help you master this skill, and find out!

People are Saying...

"Used your 'Always Get a YES!' technique yesterday with a friend who has always run away from products/services that involve the network marketing industry. (His issue not mine...LOL). Using the exact words you shared, I learned he is an 8 and will likely refer his manager. So that is like a 2 for 1. Amazing. Thank you so much!" - Mike Limmer  

"My partner Mike and I have been using the "Always Get a YES!" script. Mike booked 6 appointments, and I've got tons of repsonse as well." - Janice Silva (Results ARE typical!) 

“Everything has been going REALLY, REALLY good! I utilized what you told me! I’ve been calling my past contacts. 6/6 of them have signed on with me today to work with me in my energy business!” ~ Aimee Nguyen (not typical! :)

“I actually used some of the tips today and now have 2 new potential promoters and a customer in 2 short hours! Thanks for everything.” ~ Steve Scagnetti

"Bess was simply the BEST tonight as she walked those on the call through the essence of helping others to say YES. She demonstrated, with plenty of empathy and a couple of stories, how to get someone dead set against taking a look at our products to do so AND, possibly, the business.... Someone who said she'd already tried a number of products that were suppose to work and didn't and felt one more would have the same results. This person also said that she had no money to try the money back guarantee. Still, Bess connected with this individual and steered her to want to get in the game. It was seamless and I'm excited!" ~ Zenobia Bailey

“You are my Wizard of Oz. You know how to help me see my potential, strength, and courage.” – Ernest Rodriguez, Austin, TX

“Kudos to Bess McCarty for consistently providing value to the Network Marketing Pro community. Thanks Bess.” ~ Eric Worre 

“You are an amazing human being.” ~ Marina Worre

“I’m so glad to find you! I never knew anyone was coaching network marketers like this!!” ~ Janine Finney, The Flip Flop CEO

“Bess McCarty gives generously of her time to support everyone in the network marketing profession.” ~ Peter Burrows

So if you've had enough alarm clock stress, or you miss your kids, or you worry about retirement: